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About Us

Freight, Structures, Dirt Works, and Corral Cleaning


We are glad to serve the farming industry with bin moving, and delivering hopper bottoms and grain bin floors in the Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan areas.



We have made a name for our company in retrofitting or repairing damaged bins and mounting bins onto hoppers or new floors.


Dirt Works

Tarin Enterprises has been serving the Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan area with construction equipment since 2011


Corral Cleaning

After being asked numerous times to start providing corral cleaning services, we bought our first pieces of corral cleaning equipment in 2019, and keep expanding this side of our business to help out the cattle industry

Our Story

Tarin Enterprises Ltd is a family owned business that is located in the R.M. of Manitou lake Northwest of Neilburg Saskatchewan. Wesley and Eileen Schmidt started the company in 1996 and incorporated in 2000. Wesley was raised on a cattle and grain farm near Fairview Oklahoma which gave him an understanding of the day to day operations of farming. This stands him in good stead for working in today’s farming industry. The 90’s he spent in the Abbotsford B.C. area where he worked for a company operating equipment and managing the daily operation of production in a rock quarry. As a teenager Eileen acquired secretarial and book keeping skills, and eventually became office manager in her father’s business. This training contributes nicely to her present role in this business.

Tarin Enterprises diversified in 2010 and started building and repairing grain storage. The following year we saw the need for a bin mover and the opportunity to expand the company into brushing and dirt moving. As we have grown we have come to realize that we are filling a gap that existed in the farm service sector. As farms are increasingly run as businesses, our scope of services has meshed well with the need for quality workmanship appreciated by our customers. 

Wesley and Eileen have three sons – Tanner, Zarin and Quillan. Tanner has taken a keen interest in the operations of the heavy equipment and has helped in the growth of this sector with many happy customers. Zarin is an enthusiastic worker that has been involved with the building and repairs of grain bins since 2010 and continues to oversee the daily operation of the grain bin setup/repair. Quillan has his class 1 license and is continually expanding his expertise in general freight and bin moving.