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Specializing in Grain Bin Moving

Tarin Enterprises can help you out with a variety of your freight needs. We are glad to serve the farming industry with bin moving, and delivering hopper bottoms and grain bin floors in the Eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan areas. With our in house pilot services we are capable of hauling many types of oversized loads. We can do your equipment moving and towing. The 20 ton and 35 ton picker trucks are available for those jobs where lifting is required.
We also build bin pads and have a crew that builds and repairs grain bins.
20-ton and 35-ton Picker Trucks

24′ 7 tier bin on hopper

Available Equipment

  • 20 ton picker truck
  • 35 ton picker truck
  • 2 Tandem axle trucks
  • Tandem axle truck with 15 ton winch
  • Tandem axle truck with 30 ton winch
  • 53′ tri axle highboy
  • 48′ tri axle highboy
  • 10′ wide tri axle 50 ton scissor neck with beaver tails
  • 16 wheel 60 ton scissor neck
  • 45′ trombone step deck
  • Leg-grabbing bin mover trailer
  • 12′ wide bin mover trailer (16′ to 27′ diameter bins)
  • 10′ wide bin mover trailer (14′ to 24′ diameter bins)
  • 8′ wide bin mover trailer (14′ to 19′ diameter bins)
  • 33′ tri axle goose neck trailer
  • 16′ construction trailer
  • Tandem axle jeep
  • 16 wheel jeep
  • Pilot vehicles

Our Latest Expansions

          In 2016, we designed a trailer built to handle even larger bins and fertilizer tanks. To this date, we have successfully moved bins as big as 27 foot diameter and 8 tiers tall on a hopper. We have also successfully moved many large liquid fertilizer tanks such as the Novid 1840, and the Simplot 1642, giving us the cutting edge for fertilizers storage and bin storage transportation.

          Then in early 2019, we made even further expansions, and got a Leg-grabbing bin trailer for moving smoothwall bins in a way that will keep the paint from getting scratched or scuffed.

          We also invested in a 60 ton, 16 wheeler scissorneck and 16 wheel jeep to expand into the heavy hauling side of our business.

24′ 6 Tier Twister on Hopper With Spiral Staircase