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We supply a variety of products, as well as the services to install them.

Bin Lid

This bin lid has a heavy duty spring built into the hinge. It comes in sizes that fit over bin necks ranging from 16″ to 39″. The design makes it an excellent choice when the neck of your bin has bent out of shape and the old lid does not close properly. It comes with a cable to run down to the bottom of the bin, and a chain and latch to keep the lid open.

Bin Lid Adapter

This adapter is for those pesky bins that have to small of a lid opening to get your auger in more easily. The adapter slips into the existing center ring, and widens out, so a 28″ lid can be put on top.

Bin Anchors

These insurance certified bin anchors, along with 3/8″ chain, will keep your bins from blowing over during those strong prairie wind storms. They are available in lengths of 42” and 60” with either a 4” or 6” flighting.

Fall Arrest System

We are also an installer and supplier of the Northern Strands fall arrest system. If you’re uncomfortable with heights, but need to climb your bins from time to time, it may be what you need. This fall arrest system is a great way to give you peace of mind as you safely climb up and down your grain bins.

Used Bin Parts

We are often involved in disassembling used and damaged bins to salvage the good parts from them, and have accumulated wall sheets, roof sheets, doors, and more miscellaneous parts for a variety of different brands of bins. Some of the brands of bins that we have used parts for are:


Westeel Rosco





Metal Industries

Chief Westland

Chief Titan

Sioux Steel


And more…

Fertilizer Tanks

If you’re looking for used fertilizer tanks, we may be able to help you find one that could fit your needs

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