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Depth of dugout (Feet)

Width of dugout (Feet)

Length of dugout (Feet)

Here, our Dirtworks division came on site with an excavator and a dozer. In a few days’ time we had a nice dugout built with the black dirt stripped off separately, and the extra clay piled neatly around the sides, making it pleasant for the farmer to get his sprayer in there to fill up his water tank, or for his children to go out there to swim in the summer, or skate in the winter.

Reasons to build a dugout
  • To fill up sprayer
  • Creates a nice place to swim
  • A nice sheltered area to teach young ones how to skate
Reasons NOT to build a dugout
  • Absolutely None… Get a dugout.
How to get a dugout
It’s really very simple. just press this button.


Dugout full of water