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Crane / Boom Truck Projects

Swinging Fertilizer Tanks Out of Containment

After realizing that the concrete under these fertilizer tanks was starting to cave away around the edge, this customer called us in with our 35 ton picker to lift these tanks out of the containment. Then, after a concrete crew had come and built up the pad, we came back and swung the tanks back into place on the newly leveled pad

Fixing Rot in an Elevator

Here we lifted the customer up in a man basket to the top of their elevator. They were then able to safely take the cladding off of the wall, replace some rotten wall boards, and put the cladding back on to prevent rain from leaking into their grain.

Swinging Bins

Here, we lifted 10 bins of various sizes with our boom truck, and swung them onto a newly built pad

Setting Up a Bucket Elevator

After hauling our 55 ton rough terrain crane into this job, we assisted this crew in lifting up this bucket elevator, sections at a time, till it stood over 100 feet tall.